Gnome Alchemist 

Homeland - Corinth

Lived from 3591AGW - Present Day

Associated with - Pathfinder Society, Alchemist Guild of Corinth, Society of Quill and Blade,

 Lywenguard Rebels, Corinth School for Magically Gifted Youth, Magic Healers Guild of Ocera

Family - Grelkyx (Father) ,Morlyx (Mother), Britix (Twin Brother)

Other Titles - 

Celfyx is the twin sister of Britix. Celfyx was sent to the same magical academy that her brother was, and actually graduated. She found her niche in the alchemist guild within the academy, a subject she took major interest in and rose to be one of the most talented alchemist students in the academy. Celfyx’s white blonde hair and grey eyes made her further stand out from her peers, something that was amplified even more when she permanently enchanted a pink streak in her hair. Celfyx is kind, caring and nurturing, similar to her brother. What she does not share with her brother,however, is his naivety and innocence. Celfyx is somewhat distrustful of people who aren’t close to her and Britix, after seeing Britix taken advantage of so many times. Celfyx is somewhat manipulative and very quick to judge, due to her protective habits over her “older” brother.