Gnome Druid

Homeland - Corinth

Lived from - 1591AGW - Present Day

Associated with - Pathfinder Society, Society of Quill and Blade, Lywenguard Rebellion

Corinth School for Magically Gifted Youth, Grey Spire Professor’s Guild, Corinth’s Thieves Guild, Sunspears

Family - Grelkyx (Father), Morlyx (Mother), Celfyx (Twin Sister)

Britix grew up in a relatively well known magical family. His family sent him and his twin sister, Celfyx, to one of Ocera’s major magical academies, which Britix proceeded to drop out of only one year later. The fiery red haired gnome spent his years exploring Ocera, and perfecting the art of fire magic, and eventually found himself to the volcanic island of Zoreland. He found a mentor, and further perfected his craft. Eventually returning to the mainland, the young chipper gnome fell in (unintentionally) with a gang of theives. Britix saw the thefts as just a little game, as the thieves he fell in with told him they were returning the items they stole to their owners afterwards. Britix always wears a smile and always has a warm gnomish hug ready for whoever needs it. His innocence almost always rather gets the group into a tough situation, or out of one. If his innocence doesn’t do it, his extreme taste for alcohol does